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Connor Robertson


 I’m a full-time lifestyle photographer from and based in the incredible city of Denver, Colorado. My early battle with cancer has given me a unique perspective on life. I picked up the camera 4 years ago and have explored many avenues of photography while uncovering my three greatest passions, people, stories, and travel. 

I actively explore the depths of photography and strive to see the world with a perspective that comes directly from my faith in Jesus.  My ultimate goal as a creative is to push the boundaries and unlock opportunities for others to experience the same passion I have for my career. Traveling has a special place in my heart, and I have been blessed to be able to explore the globe and capture the true essence of life, while seeing things I never thought I would get the chance to.   

It’s an honor and blessing to have the opportunity to understand people, their stories, and what they represent on a deeper level. Working in the photography industry has allowed me to establish both, relationships with people, and tell their stories in real and authentic ways. My dedication to my craft allows my business and personal life to become a melting pot for creativity.

All that I work for is to love people, travel, and tell stories through the lens.  


Fun Facts


• ConRob comes from "Connor" my first name and "Robertson" my last name smushed together.

• I have the most amazing girlfriend, Jessi. She also shoots photo and video and we love to work together.

• My favorite music is Indie and always have (Ben Howard, RY-X, James Vincent McMorrow, Novo Amor) on while editing.

• I love animals but don't have any (always that guy who pets your dog).

• I was a barista and have a very, very real addiction to coffee and caffeine...

•  I'm an outdoors kinda guy (hiking, kayaking, snowboarding).

• My favorite type of food is Thai (coconut curry).

•  Seasons are my favorite, especially fall in Colorado.